Benefits re-imagined!

  • Differentiate your services.
  • Guarantee employee and employer savings.
  • Let data-driven insights and behavioral finance drive your next-gen benefits strategy.
  • Touch lives, reduce costs and improve member health.
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How it works

Empower next-generation savings and

data-driven benefits management.

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Request the demo

  • Watch a product walk through to see member and employee value.
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Understand the 2 step process

  • Identify savings potential: Get relevant data from carriers or TPAs to identify savings potential
  • Program rollout: Rollout the program and realize employer and member savings
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Identify savings potential

  • We work with you to get relevant data from a carrier or TPA
  • We run multiple models using your data and other socio-economic, pharma and medical datasets to identify precise savings potential for member and employer.
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Program rollout: See your savings potential come to life

  • Member use the program and get rewards and savings. Employers get richer savings.
  • Get monthly reports that discuss program impact, detail the savings achieved, and show upcoming savings potential with HR and Finance.
  • Leverage personalized employer analytics and insights to reduce costs and improve member health.
  • Get your very own personal health economist and ask them anything about healthcare utilization.

Key benefits of using HealthLucid for Benefit Advisors

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Guaranteed cost reduction

  • See immediate savings.
  • Reduce costs for both members and employers.
  • Get value-driven incentive with a long term cost curve.
  • Low risk to get started.
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Aligns all stakeholders

  • Bring together HR, Finance and members’ interest
  • Members care about cost post-deductible
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Introduce a value driven journey

  • Start with the commonly used procedures.
  • Gain member trust.
  • Expand to expensive inpatient and outpatient procedures.
  • Personalized solutions translates to higher adoption.
  • Introduces true shopping.
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Get personalized next-gen benefit solutions

  • Leverage advanced big-data and machine learning platform to reduce costs and improve health.
  • Recommend data-driven programs to your clients. Post rollout, leverage analytics to verify their efficacy.
  • Answer questions related to healthcare utilization.
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Predict future expenses

  • Guide your clients on how to use analytics to predict potential future expenses.
  • You focus on growing your business

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Meet your personal health economist

  • Get automatic analytics services at no extra cost, so you can focus on growing your business


Frequently asked questions

We work with self-insured employers only.
We charge 25% of proven savings.
The bigger the better and richer the savings strategies. We work with companies of at least 500 employees. The real sweet spot is 2000+.
  • We offer HR and finance a package with potential, monthly and annual reports
  • The employee/member package includes product brochures, open-enrollment insert, FAQs, videos, an Intranet template, kitchen insert and an email template.
3 months
Numbers don’t lie, so we let them guide the experience. Your client pays only when if save money.
We offer dedicated account support and 24 hours of SLA for most questions.
We offer Smart Insights. With smart-insights, you get highly visual and intuitive answers about healthcare utilization in seconds from over a trillion scenarios along 30+ dimensions - all with just a few clicks. You can quickly understand your healthcare utilization patterns, plan effective health improvement and cost reduction programs, and monitor their efficacy. Benefit Advisor advisors have leveraged this for the next generation benefit design.
Our team primarily consists of engineers, data scientists, US healthcare billing experts, physicians and pharmacists. This team of experts will serve as your personal healthcare economist, answering all your questions. Our data, domain knowledge and clinical/pharmacological expertise is a winning combination.