Healthcare guaranteed to save you money.

Embark on a path to long-term cost reduction.

Insight and visibility into your benefits management.

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How it works

Next-generation benefit management has arrived.

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Request the demo

  • See members and company value for HR and Finance
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Understand how it works

  • Learn how members get paid
  • See how savings are calculated
  • Review what reports and actionable insights you will get
  • Then decide to go ahead
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See your company's personalized savings potential

  • Our data scientists and modelers ingest your data to identify your company and employees' savings potential.
  • Now rollout the program.
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Roll out the program

  • Get monthly reports to see updated savings and program impact
  • Get actionable insights into healthcare utilization
  • Review strategies for reducing costs and improving health


Key benefits of using HealthLucid

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Why it makes sense?

  • Big price variations (10x and more) for commonly performed procedures.
  • Transparency apps kludgy and proven ineffective.
  • Cash incentives drive true behavioral change.
  • Savings extends deductibles for longer period.
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Cost reduction guaranteed

  • Members and employer: guaranteed to reduce costs.
  • HealthLucid fees: Percentage of proven savings.
  • Value driven incentive bends long term cost curve.
  • Introduces true shopping.
  • Low Risk.
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Introduces a value driven journey

  • Start with the commonly used procedures.
  • Members care about cost post deductible.
  • Gain member trust.
  • Expand to expensive inpatient and outpatient procedures.
  • Personalized solutions translates to higher adoption.
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Smart Shopping

  • Introduces HSA option : to save more money for members.
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  • Win for employee and family.
  • Win for finance.
  • Win for HR.
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  • Every number is data driven and backed by provable savings


Frequently asked questions

We work with self-insured employers only.
We calculate savings based on the average cost of a procedure from historical expenses and prior member behavior. This is also auditable.
We charge 25% of proven savings.
Employees already using cost-effective providers will receive rewards. However, our analysis based on billions of dollars of data has shown that it is not common for employees to already know the least expensive option.
We are currently focused on lab tests, imaging procedures, pharmacy and certain infusions.
We have started with routine items because they are the most commonly prescribed for follow-ups and have low physician affinity, which will help us build trust with members as we get started.
  • We provide monthly reports on aggregate numbers that show member utilization and savings for both the members and employer. We also show you the amounts we have paid out as rewards.
  • We give rich insights into healthcare utilization.
  • We offer predictive insights into future spending and strategies for managing care costs.
  • We guarantee ROI. You only pay for proven savings.
  • Members care about costs even after the deductible or out-of-pocket is met, especially this leads to procedures that provide incentives.
  • We can also help lower your aggregate stop loss costs.
Employees and dependent adults
You can get started any time. There’s no need to wait for the open enrollment period.
All cash rewards are considered taxable by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If your accumulated cash rewards exceeds $600 in one year, we will send you a 1099 tax form to file with the IRS.
Our team consists primarily of big-data experts, physicians, pharmacists, data scientist and machine learning experts as well as experts on US healthcare, billing, security and privacy.