Cash rewards for quality care.

Save big on follow-up healthcare costs. And get rewarded on top of it.

Saving on healthcare has never been so easy.

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How HealthLucid Works
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    Doctor asks for follow-up.

    After a regular appointment, a doctor might tell you to schedule a follow-up appointment for lab work, an MRI, or an infusion.

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    Shop and book.

    Use the Care Rewards mobile app to find high-quality in-network providers with cash rewards options ranging from $25 to thousands.

    You can even opt to get your doctor’s opinion about your options. Then book the appointment with the best rewards.

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  • 3

    Receive care.

    Head to the provider to receive the high-quality healthcare you need.

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    Cash in.

    Collect your cash rewards after the appointment is complete. That’s money right in your hands.

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Everyone wins.

Healthcare that rewards every stakeholder.

Rich rewards for follow-up healthcare

Save on healthcare costs.

Get great cash rewards.

Personalized Health Recommendations

Personalized cost savings suggestions for you and your family.

Multi-level support

Get one-on-one care support through mobile app, web, phone, chat and text.

Bend the cost curve

Help employees and their family save money.

Saves the company money.

Reveals ROI immediately.

Provides a path to practical, long term cost reduction.

Easy to use

Comes with all the materials needed to get started.

Provides dedicated account support.

Complete Peace of Mind

Complies with HIPAA regulations.

Keeps all data locked down tight.

Strategic differentiator

Reduces costs for clients and employees immediately.

Predict upcoming expenses.

Provides personalized client-specific next-gen benefit solutions.

Helps you stand out and get more clients, faster.

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Strategic differentiator

Reduces costs for clients and employees immediately.

Comes with a package of rich, deep custom analytics.

Increase top and bottom line earnings.

Customize cost savings using predictive analytics.

Rest assured, you’ll keep your clients.

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