Retain your customers. Differentiate and grow.

Improve client satisfaction. Differentiate your services to win new clients and grow revenue.

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How it works

Think different! Touch lives

Reduce costs. Improve health!

Let data-driven insights and behavioral finance drive your next-generation benefits platform.

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Request the demo

  • See a product walk through to get a sense of value to your client and their employees.
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Understand the three step process. This involves:

  • Analyze data.
  • Identify target clients.
  • Roll out to target clients.
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Identify target clients

  • Provide us with your book of business data.
  • Our data scientists and big-data engineers will run a multitude of analytical models to identify custom savings potential for each client and their employees to identify the top target clients.
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Introduce clients

  • Introduce clients and benefits consultants to Care Rewards.
  • If they’re interested, we will start the sign up process.
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Rollout the program

  • Execute our well-rehearsed execution playbook.
  • We give rewards to employees and their adult dependents.
  • HR and Finance get monthly reports on rich savings and program impact.
  • Expand your services by providing benefits ecosystem with personalized and actionable solution for your clients.

Benefits at a glance

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Confidently retain your clients

  • Reduce churn.
  • Increase lifetime value.
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Increase revenue

  • Increased Topline: differentiate yourself to get new clients.
  • Increased Bottomline: reduce costs from pre-packaged custom analytical solutions.
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Differentiate against peers

  • Offer guaranteed employee and client cost savings.
  • Be a true tech enabled TPA.
  • Leverage big-data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and rich clinical/pharmacy algorithms.
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Get your own personal health economist

  • We provide you analytics at no extra cost.
  • So you can focus on running your business.
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Start a value-driven journey

  • Start with common procedures.
  • Gain member trust.
  • Expand procedures covered.
  • Develop personalized solutions.
  • Introduce a healthcare shopping experience.
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Get benefit solutions specific to each client

  • Provide hyper personalized data driven next gen analytics to reduce client cost and improve member health.
  • Leverage the same DNA that powers silicon valley to deliver data-driven solutions.
  • Answer any question related to healthcare utilization.


Frequently asked questions

Get in touch at
We run multiple data science models using your data and other socio-economic, pharma and medical datasets to identify top clients that has the high savings potential.
The bigger the better and richer the savings strategies. We work with companies of at least 500 employees. The real sweet spot is 2000+.
It’s a simple four-step process to get started:
  • Learn about the program and the process
  • Share data on your book of business so we can run identify top clients most primed for savings
  • Present the program to the client and the Benefit Advisor advisor
  • Roll it to the employees and watch the savings roll in
About 3 months.
  • Provide relevant data about your book of business.
  • Introduce your clients and their Benefit Advisors to the program.
  • We help you differentiate yourself with a premier offering. This will help you get new clients and retain existing clients.
  • We help with all your RFPs.
  • We reduce costs with pre-packaged custom analytical solutions.
  • We provide incremental revenue for preferred partners.
  • Concierge care is available via the web, mobile, phone, and email.
  • Our program collateral includes FAQs, videos, personalized malings, and a monthly savings newsletter.
We offer Smart Insights. With smart-insights, you get highly visual and intuitive answers about healthcare utilization in seconds from over a trillion scenarios along 30+ dimensions - all with just a few clicks. You can quickly understand your healthcare utilization patterns, plan effective health improvement and cost reduction programs, and monitor their efficacy. Benefit Advisor advisors have leveraged this for the next generation benefit design.
Our team primarily consists of engineers, data scientists, US healthcare billing experts, physicians and pharmacists. This team of experts will serve as your personal healthcare economist, answering all your questions. Our data, domain knowledge and clinical/pharmacological expertise is a winning combination.
  • The next generation benefits ecosystem means no more cookie cutter solutions.
  • We leverage the same kind of DNA that drives the Amazons and Googles of the world! Let data, analytics and clinical information drive the precise programs that will reduce costs and improve health.
  • Every aspect of our offering is personalized, actionable and measurable.
Our data analytics framework is the core foundation for driving personalized, actionable and measurable solutions.
According to this Harvard Business Review article, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared in the last 18 years due to digital disruption. The successful companies of today such as Amazon, Google, Uber and Airbnb have a few things in common - they are all delivering personalized, actionable and measurable solutions and constantly innovating to improve their product. For too long, the benefits and healthcare industry have lagged sorely behind in all these areas. We are aiming to help you change that and become an innovative, successful disruptor in the marketplace.