Manage your healthcare differently.

Reward your members with incentives for getting healthier and saving on expenses.

Reward yourself with rich savings.

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How it works

Welcome to next generation data-driven benefit management.

HealthLucid helps you turn cost savings into a benefit for all.

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Request the demo

  • Become familiar with HealthLucid and see the value for both members and your company.
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Share the good news

  • Introduce your benefit consultant to the HealthLucid platform
  • The benefit consultant will then help with data collection from TPA or Carrier.
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See the big savings

  • HealthLucid runs data analytics to demonstrate how much members and your company could be saving
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Roll out the program

  • HealthLucid provides you with the complete playbook with collateral materials to get started
  • Promote the program and educate members about the benefits.
  • Members book appointments and get cash incentives via the Care Rewards app
  • Receive monthly progress reports that show you overall savings and impact.

Healthlucid makes your members and finance happy

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Guaranteed savings

  • Introduces shopping incentives to healthcare, highlighting more affordable choices
  • Your company pays the rewards only when the cost reduction is proven
  • Members and employers are both guaranteed to see reduced costs
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Easy to get started

  • HealthLucid account support gets things started for you. For free.
  • Follows a clear and easy execution playbook
  • Keeps you in the loop about key milestones
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Member support included

  • Members receive 24/7 concierge care service on the app, web, mobile, phone, and text
  • Dedicated account executive can handle all employee questions, so it’s hassle free for you
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Instant ROI

  • See immediate savings as early as the first month after you roll out the program
  • Get immediate value and pay fees only when you know you’re already saving
  • Monthly reports available
  • Transparent reporting provides easy audit capability
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Safe to use

  • Opt-in is optional for members.
  • Security and privacy guaranteed with HIPAA compliance and robust security
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Start saving anytime

  • You don’t have to wait until open-enrollment to start saving with HealthLucid


Frequently asked questions

We understand security and privacy are of the utmost importance when it comes to healthcare. That’s why we are fully HIPAA compliant and have enhanced security measures, including two-factor authentication.
We offer a simple two step process to get started. First, check out your potential savings from de-identified member data. Then roll out the program and enable members to opt in and save.
We calculate the average cost of a procedure based on historical expenses and prior member behavior. This is also auditable.
We charge 25% of proven savings.
Sign up is provided for employees and adult dependents.
They can definitely use the system to find low cost providers in their area. However, they will not get rewards if they are not signed up.
We work with de-identified data. Our advanced algorithm anonymously identifies the member so we can send the cash reward.
No, never.
Yes, HealthLucid and the Care Rewards program are optional for employees and their family.
  • We give you full account support and an execution plan with supporting collateral materials at no cost.
  • A dedicated account executive is also on hand to answer any employee questions
  • Concierge care is available via the web, mobile, phone, and email.
  • Program collateral includes a FAQ, videos, personalized malings, and a monthly savings newsletter.
All cash rewards are considered taxable by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If your accumulated cash rewards exceeds $600 in one year, we will send you a 1099 tax form to file with the IRS.
We are targeted towards self-insured employers who want to reduce healthcare-related expenses.
Yes. We are continuously improving our list of procedures. Let us know if there is a specific procedure you’d like to see covered and we will work on providing custom solutions for your company.
Our team consists primarily of big-data experts, physicians, pharmacists, data scientist and machine learning experts as well as experts on US healthcare, billing, security and privacy.