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Get rich savings and cash rewards for visiting good quality healthcare providers.

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How HealthLucid Works

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Doctor asks for follow-up.

  • After a regular appointment, a doctor might tell you to schedule a follow-up appointment for lab work, an MRI, an infusion or to take a certain medication.
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Shop and book.

  • Use the Care Rewards mobile app to find high-quality in-network providers with cash rewards options ranging from $25 to thousands.
  • You can even opt to get your doctor’s opinion about your options.
  • Then book the appointment with the best rewards.
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Receive care.

  • Head to the provider to receive the high-quality healthcare you need.
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Cash in.

  • The member collects their cash rewards after the appointment is complete. That’s money right in your hands.

Why HealthLucid?

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Two ways to reduce your costs

  • By choosing a good quality, less expensive provider you
    • Pay less in copay, deductible or co-insurance
    • Get cash
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Know you are not leaving money on the table

  • Receive monthly cost-saving reminders.
  • Get personalized alerts based on your medical utilization
    • Missed savings and rewards based on your past history
    • Upcoming savings and rewards based on recurring spend
  • Practical, applicable cost saving tips
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Concierge care service

  • Receive support via the app, web, mobile, phone, or text
  • Access support 24/7
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Personalized tips for improving your health

  • Provides care recommendations for the whole family listing preventive tests and care gaps for any applicable chronic conditions.


Frequently asked question

HealthLucid is employer sponsored and free to use. If your company offers it, you can sign-up at And if your company doesn’t offer it yet, mention it to your HR rep.
Absolutely. There’s no obligation. HealthLucid is here to save you money on quality healthcare in addition to giving you cash rewards for lab tests, imaging, prescriptions and more.
Sure, you can use HealthLucid to find lower cost care options near you. However, you will not get rewards if you’re not a member.
  • You get significant savings and cash rewards for healthcare. Procedures done at hospitals or certain centers can be up to ten times more expensive than the same care at a standalone center. HealthLucid highlights the quality in-network providers that are less expensive and gives you cash rewards by choosing one of them in the app.
  • You also get monthly personalized savings reminders for you and your family so you can see how to save going forward and as well as any rewards you might have missed out on, making sure you don’t leave money on the table again.
Going to a less expensive quality provider saves your employer money. That’s where the incentive and rewards dollars come from.
You can add other adult dependents to a group and assign one person to make appropriate decisions for the family
You can easily see the options and cash rewards right there in the HealthLucid app. Any adult covered on your company plan will have direct access to the HealthLucid app to help with any decisions. Then it’s up to you and your family to decide what care is right for you.
Yes you can. Give us a call and let us know which provider you’re already using so we can see if it meets the savings criteria for a reward.
Absolutely! Send us an email with your choice of provider so we can verify it. We’ll even give you an additional $20 for your time and effort.
No. Just log in or call our customer service. Choose the right option in the app and you will continue to get the reward each time you use the same preferred care provider.
It depends on the procedure. We are always adding more services, so give us a call and we might be able to help you get a reward.
Absolutely not. HealthLucid reports on who received rewards as part of the program, but the rest of the information is strictly private.
HealthLucid does not share condition information with the employer. We only generate aggregate reports on who received savings
The providers you’ll see listed on the app are part of your insurance network and have already met your carrier’s strict quality standards. The facilities are all well known and fully licensed to provide services. Consult your doctor or log in to your insurance company’s website to get even more information about the provider.
All cash rewards are considered taxable by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If your accumulated cash rewards exceeds $600 in one year, we will send you a 1099 tax form to file with the IRS.
Visit to sign up.
Tell your employer about HealthLucid. We appreciate new introductions! They can contact us at If your company signs up, you will qualify for a $1000 referral bonus.